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Where to get Solo Ad advertising Part one

There are so many places to advertise it’s hard to keep up. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. If you are just starting out in marketing it can be difficult to know which way to start. You can use solo advertising to get yourself started and you don’t have to pay an arm and leg to do it. However, solo advertising can be pretty expensive if you don’t shop around. There are a few sites to go to that have cost effective packages and have pretty good results.


Solo ad Networks
There are a few solo ad networks out there that can be pretty steep in price. What is a solo ad network? A solo ad network is a Text Ad Exchange site that hosts a partner network of other Text Ad Exchanges. For example, Joe’s TAE is the site you join and they say they have a network of over 106 websites (that would be other Text Ad exchanges and Ad Exchanges). Now, Joe’s TAE would be the main Text Ad Exchange, the host as you will. The ad you buy from the main Text Ad Exchange (Joe’s TAE), Will not only send your ad to main website members but, to the network of the 106 websites Joe’s TAE is partnered with. How can you benefit? The more you utilize this service the more traffic your website receives.


Take a look a few Solo ad networks I recommend.
Promotion Magnet – Attached to 73 websites with a collective membership of 42,457. The prices are very decent. You get a steady flow of traffic. This website has a very good feature for busy marketers. You can set up your solo ad to auto-send when the next posting is available. Your promotion would be fully automated.

Superb solo networks-Great site that has 3 major networks with a collective membership of 329,964. This site has multiple packages and banner ads services. Very high average click rate. Solo ad mailings start at just under eight dollars.

Super Network Ads Super Solo NetworkAttached to 5 Partner networks with a collective membership of 181,126. You can start out free and if you need more traffic you can just buy the special offers they have. Most offers start at five dollars. I have a few members sign up from this site.


Solo ad advertising can be pretty inexpensive if you shop around. You can advertise in solo ad networks and Text Ad Exchanges to start your marketing efforts. You don’t have to give an arm a leg or a tooth for your advertising. What about Ezine Ad Co-ops? I’ll explain those in the next part of this article.

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