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solo advertising

Let your Solo Ad do all of the work

Solo Ad marketing is a great way to introduce your website, product, or service. You can make a lot of headway. But, is your solo ad campaign getting you the results you need? Do need to tweak your campaign a bit? There are many reasons why your ad may not get the clicks it should be. Sometimes it’s the simplest thing. There could be too many errors, too long, not long enough, not sent enough etc. What else could be the reason?

Not using keywords

When promoting your website product or service, it is always good to use certain key words in your ad. Sometimes full key phrases can drive the point home. If you don’t use key terms or words, your ad will not even get impressions let alone get clicks. What can an internet marketer do? When promoting se certain terms from your website that will get the visitors attention. For example, let’s say you have a Kitten adoption agency (for the sake of argument) and you want to promote the fact that you have rescue kittens. You would want to put in your headline “Rescue kittens need a new home.” You can also use “Rescued kittens could use some TLC”. Then in the body of your ad in brief you can write down where you are the condition of the kittens and the bread of rescued kittens you have.

Inconsistent mailings

Although it is good to be cautious about frequency of mailings, there is such thing as inconsistency. Not sending a solo ad at least every two days can hurt our campaign. It sometimes takes a visitor to see an ad seven times before they are convinced they want to buy your offer. Once a day is good too if you are rotating different ads. But Inconsistent posting will not get the results you need. So, sending a mailing once every two or three days on a consistent basis should get you the steady traffic you need at the start.

Not using questions

Is your headline a question? Does it make the potential customer think? Sometimes questions in an article or advertisement can evoke interest. How so? Let’s go back to your Adoption agency for rescued kittens. You want your potential kitten parents to at least click your link right? Suppose they themselves rescued a kitten or two. Next, consider that you may have an experienced Veterinarian n hand. Headline can read “Need an experienced vet for your rescued kitten?” That will fuel their curiosity no matter corny you think our headline may be. The fact that it is a question will get them to click the link.

No call to action

The visitor clicked the email link to your solo ad. Now what is next? The call to action is next. The visitor has read your email and is interested. Now they need to act on that interest. A call to action such as, sign up now, click the link below and other variations can help the potential customer act. However, they may open that email the first time they see it but may not want to act on their interest. It may take them several times to see that email before they make up their minds. Being realistic about your advertising efforts can help keep you focused on the goals. Knowing that things take time and patience will get the results needed to help your business grow.

Let your Solo Ads work for you. Take your time with your campaigns. Keep a realistic outlook when advertising your business. Consistent advertising will help get results over time and maintain steady traffic to your website. Questions are a great way to get potential customers think about why they should buy your product or service. Lastly, keywords are the main ingredient to getting the customer to click that headline.

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