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What s a promotion page?

Internet marketing can be very hard. When you are trying to advertise your products and services, you probably think you are doing everything wrong. Chances are you have tried everything under the sun. You tried lead generation, traffic generation gimmicks and everything else. Internet marketing isn’t really an exact science. It’s all about what works for your site. Sometimes it takes trial error, patience and consistency. Why not try a promotion page?


What is a promotion page?
A promotion page is a presentation of the websites you own and affiliate links. What can you put on this page? On this page you can put your, highest producing products, services business site and affiliate links. Why would you want to use a Promotion page? It saves you time and headaches. If you are doing ten million things at once you will end up with nothing. Keeping things simple can help weed out the clutter and disorganization of marketing your business.


How will a promotion page help?
As mentioned it saves time just marketing one page. You won’t have to login to your advertising provider and enter ten different solo ads. You can just use one to target a specific program on your page. Take a look at my page for example.  Now, let’s say I want to start a solo ad campaign. There is one site on my page I know will get the most traffic. That’s Pop Ads Depot. I have set up my campaign with my provider. I used the Promotion page link and highlighted the most recommended site.


Doing this will help me determine how well the page will be scene. The point to all this is that you will be able to have time to do other things. Lastly, you have to remember all of the other websites you posted on this page. The viewer will see the one you highlighted but they may find the other sites on that page more interesting. The next blog post will tell you how to advertise your page.

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