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Resource: Custom Membership Sites

There are many ways to start a business online. Some are more expensive to invest in than others. There are membership sites, ezine or newsletters, advertising businesses and more. But what about having a custom membership site? A membership site is the type of site that you can earn a profit from. In most cases is done right it will be easy to run. Why not look into Custom Membership Sites?


What type of websites do they offer?

Custom Membership sites offer a wide variety of scripts. They offer, ad exchange scripts, list builder scripts, down line scripts, link cloaker scripts and ad board scripts. Why would you want to start a membership site? No matter the type of scripts you are interested in, you will be able to earn an income online from these custom websites. In each instance, you will build a list of members you can build a relationship with.

What are their services?
Your website is going to need a bit of work. You will not be able to just get the script and POOF it’s done and ready. You will be able to purchase additional services such as website design, promotional banners, headers, and footers. Plus, you can opt to have a comprehensive web hosting package to go with your shiny new website. If you need to modify the script, Custom Membership Sites will help you with that.


Pre-built sites anyone?
There are a few membership sites that are already packaged and ready to go. Each website is fully designed and has all promotional material. You have a choice to purchase a network of websites or an individual site.


Would I highly recommend this site?
Yes! I have used their services. Blog Text Ads was designed and installed using The Custom Membership Site services. I am very satisfied with the way they do business. If you have any questions about their services talk to Phil. He will always answer your questions. His design skills are professional and always imaginative.

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