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Consistent advertising leads results

marketing-color-colors-wheelClassified advertising is still be used as a method of promotion. There are many types of sites out there. There are standard classifieds, niche targeted classifieds, ad blasters and ad boards. Classified advertising can be effective. How? Consistent posting in classified advertising sites may bring results. There is no doubt that a website needs traffic in order to gain a following. Classified advertising is a good start for marketers who are on a tight budget. Again the question, how can a person reap results with this method of advertising?


Renew your listings

If you are running a special campaign, you want to make the most of it. Some classifieds sites have 7 to 30 day duration to duration for advertising. With that in mind you can renew those listing often as long as you are having the promotion. If you don’t’ want to constantly remember to do that, some classified sites have three months to yearly renewals. Some even have automatic renewals. What is the point of renewing your listing? Keeping your ad visible will more than likely gain that click. How? Sometimes it takes up to seven times for people to see an ad in order to click.


Edit your ads

There are times that an ad will not perform the way they need to. Editing the ad may help boost its visibility. Is the feature focused? If you answered yes then your ad is being ignored. Mix things up a bit and ad one main feature and then a benefit. The main feature would be the introduction to the product and the benefit will be the selling point to get the potential customer clicking your ads. For example, you want to sell a script that provides a community blogging experience. The feature of your product is the ability to blog and creates a social atmosphere. What is the benefit? That benefit would be the ability to connect to other people and provide a social networking experience. Plus the member will be able to build a potential customer base.

Solo advertising is not dead

Searching for a Niche Group - Magnifying GlassSolo ad Advertising is a very effective way to promote a business opportunity, reseller program or business. There are many benefits to using this method of advertising. What are they? Let’s list them in order.


You have a hidden market
Content is king. The money is in the list. There are so many articles that have these phrases in them. Your hidden market is in the email list you send your solo ad to. You can send your ad on a schedule or you can use an autoresponder. The point is, the people who opted-in to this list will be able to receive your offers and promotions.


Permission based marketing
No matter which site you buy solo ads from, you always have permission to send your ad. Each site has a list of people who have signed up to receive offers and promotions. You won’t have to worry about people complaining about spamming all the time. You’ll be covered there.


People are more apt to buy your product
Depending on how you present your solo ad, you will not only gain traffic but you will have a potential customer looking at your offer. People usually have to see an ad almost seven times before they make up their mind to join your site or buy your product. But, they will eventually buy. That is the result you need.


Solo Advertising is cost effective
There are many websites out there that offer solo advertising. Some are more expensive than others. Solo ad marketing can be cheap depending on the website you join. You can join a Text Ad Exchange or an Ad Exchange to send out solo ads free or you can buy solo ads from a solo ad network. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to buy advertising. The next article I will break down the different places you can buy solo ad marketing and actually gain results.


Your product or service gets more traffic
Every website needs traffic. There is no getting around that fact. Solo ad marketing allows you to not only target a list of people but to gain more traffic from that list. Depending on the website that provides the service, you can even post one solo ad per day with a different headline each time.


These are the benefits of Solo ad marketing. You will be able to reach a target audience and gain more traffic from the services you purchase. If you have a tight budget, you can join a Text Ad Exchange that has perks in order to send solo ads. You can even purchase solo ad marketing from a site for a low price.

How to make good use of your promotion page

Short tip: Now that you have a promotion page, what exactly should you put on it? There are many types of sites you can enter on it. If there are a few websites you really like, enter them on the page. What about your highest performing list building site, or high traffic site you offer? Are you launching a new system? Enter that new system on that page. To advertise your page, traffic and surf ad exchanges work best.

Click Here to see an example of a Promotion page.

What s a promotion page?

Internet marketing can be very hard. When you are trying to advertise your products and services, you probably think you are doing everything wrong. Chances are you have tried everything under the sun. You tried lead generation, traffic generation gimmicks and everything else. Internet marketing isn’t really an exact science. It’s all about what works for your site. Sometimes it takes trial error, patience and consistency. Why not try a promotion page?


What is a promotion page?
A promotion page is a presentation of the websites you own and affiliate links. What can you put on this page? On this page you can put your, highest producing products, services business site and affiliate links. Why would you want to use a Promotion page? It saves you time and headaches. If you are doing ten million things at once you will end up with nothing. Keeping things simple can help weed out the clutter and disorganization of marketing your business.


How will a promotion page help?
As mentioned it saves time just marketing one page. You won’t have to login to your advertising provider and enter ten different solo ads. You can just use one to target a specific program on your page. Take a look at my page for example.  Now, let’s say I want to start a solo ad campaign. There is one site on my page I know will get the most traffic. That’s Pop Ads Depot. I have set up my campaign with my provider. I used the Promotion page link and highlighted the most recommended site.


Doing this will help me determine how well the page will be scene. The point to all this is that you will be able to have time to do other things. Lastly, you have to remember all of the other websites you posted on this page. The viewer will see the one you highlighted but they may find the other sites on that page more interesting. The next blog post will tell you how to advertise your page.

Use a Promotion Page

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When you are too busy to promote multiple sites, use a promotion page. A promotion page can help save you time in the long run. How? Let’s say you have two business opportunities an affiliate program and your own branded website. You are using separate methods to promote them. Now, while you are doing multiple things at once, you don’t have time to blog or to do other website maintenance. Your mind is operating on different things in different directions. You need to prioritize and put your best sites on one page.
The great thing about a promotion or services page is that you can give a brief to the point description of services. Another good thing to have on the page is an image that corresponds to the website or product you are offering. The page is a good presentation of what you offer and who you are affiliated with. So why not try that when you are too busy to keep track of so many links?

Promoting one page for busy marketers

Marketing online is common thing these days. If you sell a digital product, you will need to promote it online. Do you have time to promote all of your products and websites? No? Below are going to be a few topics on how to condense your marketing methods into one page.

1. Use a Promotion Page

2. What is a Promotion Page?

3. How to make good use of your promotion Page?

4. How a promotion page saves you time.

5. Where do you typically find Promotion Pages offered?

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What is my wizard ads?

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