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Permission based email marketing: Four ways to build trust

In the last blog post, we discussed what permission-based email marketing is. How effective it is was also mentioned. But, how can it build trust to keep your audience engaged? Take a look at four ways email marketing can build trust in your product or service.

1. You have permission

As a newsletter or ezine publisher you have a subscribe box on many of your websites. You probably have them on a squeeze page or a sales letter. What’s the point? You are asking a potential customer to join your list. Now, once this person decides to confirm their email address, you now have permission to send this new subscriber valuable information or promotions.

2. The information you send is useful

As an ezine publisher you have a few topics to share with your audience. It could be blogging tips, internet marketing, or something in the fashion world that grabbed their attention. Whatever the topic or genre, you are able to provide your audience with valuable information they could use to help their business grow or help them find something to wear to the next party. Good valuable information that you send to their inbox will keep your audience engaged. As time progresses they will want to read more about your topics. The subscriber will look forward to seeing the next issue of your ezine or newsletter.

3. Keeping it simple

Some of us are busy. There isn’t enough time in the day to do everything on our to-do list. Some people who publish ezines have day jobs. They are using their online time as a second job or home business. So, how exactly are some people able to manage day life with their home business life? Keeping it simple and mobile will help alleviate the digital clutter. How? Sticking to one topic at a time is a good start. Plus, publishing once a week or once every two weeks is a good way to keep your audience engaged. During the day, researching your topic on your mobile device can be a good start to an outline. If you are a blogger, this can work if you are consistent. Then, what you publish on your blog that week can be published in your ezine.

4. Where did you get their email address?

That is the number one question many subscribers have. If they receive a lot of emails from other sources, they may not remember that they subscribed to your ezine. Being forthright may help keep the peace. In your disclaimer on your website, you can have a short blurb that says how you obtain their email. Whether you work with an Ezine ad co-op like My wizard ads or Ezine Classifieds. Or, you can just say you received the email straight from the squeeze page or main page of your website. This will remind them of where they subscribed. If they wish to unsubscribe, that should be an option offered all the time. You’d hate to see them go but its best to respect people’s wishes. They can always re-subscribe.

Want to start a blog? Part 3 Why are you blogging?

pexels-photo-45718Now that you know to start small you know what your blog is about. You know where to go from there. There is one question must ask yourself though. Why are you blogging? Really now, what is your motivation? People start things for a reason. It could be that they want to earn money, help the community, s how their medical research or any number of things. Why do people blog?


Great form of marketing

Blogging is a very effective way to communicate your ideas and knowledge to the general public. The more you blog and leave comments the more traffic and readership you receive. It does take time to building a relationship with readers. Consistency is important to gaining such a following. Now that there are social media outlets, you’ll be able to reach a larger audience.


Earn income from posting

You can monetize your blog and offer ad space with your own ad service or as an affiliate. There are many websites that offer opportunities to publish their ads. Sites like Google Ad Words, LeadsLeap, Bidvertiser. Having your own ad manager is also an option. What about posting for pay? You can post for a living as a freelancer on fiverr.com or a paid to post service like Blogvertise. The choice is yours. Getting paid to blog has its advantages despite the obvious. On one hand, you can show your skills as a writer. On the other hand, the more you post you learn to improve your skills.



Creative and style expression

Some people have fashion blogs, artistic portfolios, Crafts stores. The list goes on. Having a blog allows people the freedom to express their creative and business interests. Some topics and interests compliment others. For example, a fashion blogger may have a steady amount of posts pertaining to plus size fashion. Now, the outfits that are showcased in the blog may have certain looks that the reader can put together simply. What about hair? If the fashion blogger is an affiliate of a hair care line they may earn money by showcasing the product in their style guide. They may even consider showing their audience they tried the product. So you see the creative part of blogging and the business part of blogging.



Enjoyment makes the difference

If you enjoy blogging it will show in your writing. It will also show in how you convey your message to your audience. If you don’t enjoy blogging, why do it? Also, if you are not a great writer, and you don’t want to just post articles, why not videos with a short description? You can post different styles of things other than videos. Post, your artwork, (comics, art pieces you wish to sell) photography, short status updates, etc. It all boils down to what you want to do with your blog and how you want to communicate.



Know why you are blogging. Whether it’s for a creative, personal or business reason its always a good idea make sure you enjoy it. There is nothing worse than thinking your blog is a chore. Earning from your blog isn’t too bad either. Just shop around and do your home before entering into an affiliate program.

5 Proofreading Tips Every Blogger Should Know

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Need Content For Your Blog?

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Blogging is not a chore if you are realistic in your blogging goals

What does it mean to have realistic goals? Well, you need to realize that you are not going to be able to get everything done at once. Writing a great topic takes a lot of time effort and maybe a little research. When writing your “great topics” or your epic break through, have a few goals set. How? First, you need to know your target audience. Figure out why you are writing for them in the first place. For example, there is a guy that follows me on Facebook that loves cats. So, his target audience is cat lovers. His posts are dedicated to all things cats. He posts about cat health, toys, play time and even what to feed them to keep them healthy. He gets a lot of likes. Why? Because what he posts is well thought out and planed. Now, plans don’t always come through. People are too busy and preoccupied.

For your busy life, try to have short term goals that will help you with the long term goals. Try to make it a goal to gather information on your niche topic. Research is a great habit to have when you have business blog. For some people having the information first will help them write a better piece. The information that you have will allow you to build a better outline and stick to your long term goal. Research can be your short term goal. Your long term goal would be to post more frequently.