Premium Advertising

These are the premium advertising services  Your Biz Cafe offers. If you need something that’s a little more cost effective (like free), please go to the free advertising section.

Your Biz Traffic As an advertiser, you have two choices, unlimited traffic with no visitor cap or target traffic. Every website on the web needs attention. No matter the type of website you have, you need to advertise it. Why not get unlimited human visitors to your website for a low price? Targeted traffic packages start at just $10.95.


YBCafe Ads Affordable click and time based services. All click based starter plans start at $5. YB Café Ads offers both Banner and text ad advertising. Your Ad will be shown on a network websites at the top or on the sidebars. Sign up for free  and shop. The website is very simple to navigate and your ads will even be seen on the main website itself.  An example of a YB Cafe Ads text ad is on the sidebar.

Banners and links from Blog Text Ads