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Want to start a blog? Part 2

What is your Blog About?


Now that you know where to start, consider what your blog is about. Your Blogging experience should not be a chore. Blogging should be an enjoyable process. It is always good to know where you want your blog to be in the future. Mapping out what you have in mind for your blogging experience may seem tedious, but it is important to know what you are getting yourself into. You will be able to set short-term goals regarding the type of blog you have.


What does that mean? There are many types of blogs of interest out there. For example,
• Fashion blogs- fashion merchandising, schools focused on fashion and fashion illustrations
• Business- Anything having to do with running, and maintaining a business legally
• Web Hosting- All things web hosting from reseller to cloud computing.
• Public opinion- Spectators of politics
• Hair- Blogs that have natural hair journeys and advice on natural hair products.


The list goes on. You get the idea. As far as short term goals are concerned, it is always a good idea to know just what you want to talk about. Once you do this you will be able to stick with it.

Want to start a blog? Part 1

Blogging is a very common and popular way to communicate your knowledge. It is also a good way to express your creative and business knowledge. However, blogging can be a bit of challenge. Why? You don’t know where to start. You don’t what blog to platform to use. Do you know what to use? You don’t have time to start. Also, you are on a budget. When you are on this blogging journey it will not be an easy one. So how do you start your blog?
Start Small
Know what you are going to do. What does that mean? I now it’s a bit old school but get out a pen and paper and write out exactly what you want for a blog.
Ask yourself:
1. Why am I blogging?
2. What do I want people to know?
3. Do I want to be paid to blog?
4. Is my blog personal or for business?
5. What are my real interests?
6. Do I really want to write?
7. Do I have time to write for a blog?
Consider the reasons why you want to blog before you jump right in. Even if you blog is personal one, you want to make sure you know what you want to get across. There are many things to talk about.

WordPress tools to keep your blog safe and running

Word Press is a very popular Content management system with a lot of bells and whistles. Some of those bells and whistles are easy to use. You have a great site going and you love how user friendly it is. However, there are some plugins you could be missing to keep it going. Question, is your blog safe from hackers and spammers? Is your site able to run itself, while you create content?

Jet Pack
You can connect to the cloud through your Self-hosted Word Press blog. As long as you have a Word Press account you can use all of its features. Some of these features are usually restricted to members. Why recommend this plugin? Well, if you have a few plugins that you want to keep track of, you can perform a lot of actions in one place. You can update all of your plugins, ad features, ad auto updates etc. Plus, you can list all of your self-hosted blogs at and view their stats.
Another good feature of Jet Pack is that you can configure social sharing, make your site mobile friendly, contact forms and more.

Word Fence Security
Your website is at risk for many things. There are hackers out there that would like to attack your site just for the fun of it. Word Fence is a very powerful Word Press firewall plugin. It blocks malicious traffic, Google bots, and botnets. Other features include but are not limited to, security scanning, traffic monitoring and more. If you run a multisite, word fence can scan across your network of sites (including comments).

Wang Guard
Do you allow memberships on your site? Or, do you run a multisite? Wang Guard would be a good tool to use against sploggers. Wang Guard is a free splog protection tool that blocks spam bloggers, moderates potential spammers and allows you to remove them.

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Repost: Don’t over think it

Well, you may not know where to start and you may concentrate on one part of the topic. You may not even know where to start putting it into parts. What are you doing? You are trying to condense too much information at once. Trying to cram too much material in one topic will not go well. Your reader will move on. They lose interest if your topic has too many points.

What to do when you can’t get it out on paper.

  1. Take a break and refresh your mind.
  2. Consider the reason you researched the topic.
  3. Concentrate on the topic that best suits your blog and article.
  4. KISS; Keep It Simple Stupid.
  5. Remain realistic. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  6. When breaking the topic down in parts… attack one point at a time
  7. Each point you break down is a title in your series of articles.