The benefit of using a text ad exchange

marketing-board-strategybFree website traffic is very good ways to jump start your marketing efforts. There are so many ways to get free traffic. You can post in blogs, forums, article marketing, directory submission, classified advertising, traffic exchanges, and text ad exchanges. What are the benefits of using a text ad exchange? Why are people still using them?

Free traffic to your website

One of the good things about an exchange, a text ad exchange is the free traffic. If you are a tight budget you are probably going to sign up to an exchange. So, what happens in a text ad exchange? In order to get traffic, there are different things you have to do. For example a text ad exchange has services like , hot links, featured ads, promo pages, solo advertising splash page paid per click and banner ads. Clicking links in any of these will earn you credits and in exchange for the credits your ads can be seen.

Cheap prices on upgrades and extras

Now, what if you don’t have time to click around and you can’t look at emails? What if you just need things to happen automatically? Some admins (of text ad exchanges) have a service called set and forget solo ads. You’ll be able to set up your ads according to date and time. Now that can prove useful if you are a member of a very active exchange. Now what about perpetual solos? Similar to a set and forget solo ad, you can set up an ad with different headlines and the same body of content. The ad will be set to go out at certain times. Sometimes an ad can be set to go out once a day or twice a week. It depends on the rules the admin has in place. Another thing to consider is the webhosting the admin may have. Some hosts don’t allow more than 50 to 100 emails per hour.

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