Consistent advertising leads results

marketing-color-colors-wheelClassified advertising is still be used as a method of promotion. There are many types of sites out there. There are standard classifieds, niche targeted classifieds, ad blasters and ad boards. Classified advertising can be effective. How? Consistent posting in classified advertising sites may bring results. There is no doubt that a website needs traffic in order to gain a following. Classified advertising is a good start for marketers who are on a tight budget. Again the question, how can a person reap results with this method of advertising?


Renew your listings

If you are running a special campaign, you want to make the most of it. Some classifieds sites have 7 to 30 day duration to duration for advertising. With that in mind you can renew those listing often as long as you are having the promotion. If you don’t’ want to constantly remember to do that, some classified sites have three months to yearly renewals. Some even have automatic renewals. What is the point of renewing your listing? Keeping your ad visible will more than likely gain that click. How? Sometimes it takes up to seven times for people to see an ad in order to click.


Edit your ads

There are times that an ad will not perform the way they need to. Editing the ad may help boost its visibility. Is the feature focused? If you answered yes then your ad is being ignored. Mix things up a bit and ad one main feature and then a benefit. The main feature would be the introduction to the product and the benefit will be the selling point to get the potential customer clicking your ads. For example, you want to sell a script that provides a community blogging experience. The feature of your product is the ability to blog and creates a social atmosphere. What is the benefit? That benefit would be the ability to connect to other people and provide a social networking experience. Plus the member will be able to build a potential customer base.

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