Major website updates for Your Biz Café

Your Biz Café
The main site has a new design and will be host to blog posts for the ezine as well as Blog Text Ads and YBC Adboard. This will make things a lot simpler for me to handle all maintenance.
YB Café Ads
YB Café Ads has undergone a major update. The banner and text ad campaign options have changed. You will be able to choose time based only campaigns. The Banner size options are also changed. Please click here to see the options. Also, YB Café Ads has a new look.
Blog text ads Forum
Blog text ads will no longer have a separate forum or blog.  All blog posts will be centralized and posted to the main site. That site is Your Biz Café. As for the forums, Blog Text Ads members can sign up to the forums at Your Biz Café.
YBC Ad board and the blog
There will no longer be a blog for the YBC Ad board website. All, blog posts will be reposted to the Your Biz Café website over time. Also, all members of YBC Ad Board are welcome to sign up to Your Biz Café and post an article and chat in the forums. Lastly, the Adboard has a new design. Click here to check it out.
Viral text Ads
There is a new header and footer design at the site. Check it out here.
YBC Links
The website is down until further notice.

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