How long should your solo ad be?

Solo advertising is a very effective way to get your website noticed. Plus you gain a steady flow of real visitors to your website gradually. You can reach an audience of interested people who want to see your offers. There are good providers out of solo advertising that get you great results. But, how long should your ad be? Will the message be lost on the person reading it? Is there such a thing as too short or too long? Is there a reason you are sending this? Let’s look into it.


Solo ad is too short


Sometimes solo ads are submitted to a provider let’s say Simple safe list (just for argument sake) and the solo ad has two words or just an image without words on it. Now the image looks nice and the colors are inviting. However, there is nothing there that promotes the person’s offer and or product. Will anyone know what the advertising is offering? What can be done? Most solo ads can be in text and HTML format. Plus, it can be a well thought out information graphic. The solo ad can be one or two paragraphs that state the offer the benefits and the price without the dollar signs. The ad can be precise and to the point without being too short.



Solo ad is too long


What if your solo ad is too long? Many times a solo ad is as long as an article. Or the Information graphic provided has too many call-to-actions. If your solo ad is too long, the reader will not click that offer link. They won’t even scroll down to the end. That person will move on. Many people have low attention spans for sales offers. They see similar offers all the time. Even if they are in need and interested in your offer they will be bored with the delivery. A bored potential customer is not a customer.



What are you offering?

Well, you have a great product to offer. Your website is easy to read and you have spell checked everything. Now, there is marketing to be done. However, a solo ad is submitted and there is no traffic to your offer. What went wrong? The headline is not descriptive and there is no clear explanation of service. For example, if you are offering a new website script that saves time and money, wouldn’t you want to start out with that line? Then, explain in brief the features and give them a call to action. That will ensure that a steady flow of traffic goes to your offer. There is no miracle of getting fast traffic to your website. Working hard to maintain consistency is key to getting the results you are looking for.



Overall, there needs to be a sort of balance in the way we market our websites. The solo ad or information graphic should not be too long or too short. The offer should have a focus to it. What can the product do for the potential customer? Why is this product being offered? Will the customer get a discount? These are the questions are good to consider when writing solo ads or preparing information graphics.

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