A Croissant a cup of joe and a lesson learned

Part 2 of a strange morning and a torn resume

Image from Pexels.com
Image from Pexels.com

After the debacle of an interview, I decided to get a croissant and a cup of coffee. I wanted to calm down from the shock and really think about why the recruiter tore my resume before I left. As I watched people go back and forth, I have come to realize a few things. One, she was probably new to the agency. Two, she was having a bad morning. Or, three she was just unprofessional all around. My final assessment is that she was new to the agency. Even though she was probably right to destroy the resume, she needed to wait until I left the office in order to do so.

As I look back on her overall behavior I noticed just how nervous she was. She stuttered a couple of times and said some of the wrong things. However, she was friendly enough to break the ice. As I sip my coffee I realize that taking things like this personal gets me nowhere. As a new person that has to deal with people on a daily basis is nerve racking. You don’t know who is coming into your domain. In the case of the recruiter, she didn’t know whether I was an ideal candidate or not. There is also a question as to whether my resume is accurate as well. She didn’t know what type of attitude I would have as an experienced candidate.

Another thing I had to consider is that whatever issues these agencies have is none of my business and it’s out of her hands. She is just following the rules as far as not working with me. There is nothing personal here. Just business and I should take this as a lesson of experience. How? By realizing that there are other opportunities and I can gain experience and discipline elsewhere. Candidates usually strike out because they don’t realize that one, the recruiter or potential employer is under pressure to find the right person. Two, they probably don’t want to interview anyone. And, three, they are human beings just like us and landed their job through a job interview as well.

We all have someone to answer to. Whether we are an attorney or child with adults in their lives, we have to submit to rules. What does that mean? Well the recruiter was given a form of orientation when she initially started working at this agency. We all have an orientation of some kind. And I’m sure  There Are some guidelines she had to follow. Who knows whether she had to hear about the issues agencies have. She was briefed on any issues recruiters will have when dealing with new candidates.  So I finished eating my crossiant and drinking  my coffee and decided to let it go.

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