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Want to start a blog? Part 1

Blogging is a very common and popular way to communicate your knowledge. It is also a good way to express your creative and business knowledge. However, blogging can be a bit of challenge. Why? You don’t know where to start. You don’t what blog to platform to use. Do you know what to use? You don’t have time to start. Also, you are on a budget. When you are on this blogging journey it will not be an easy one. So how do you start your blog?
Start Small
Know what you are going to do. What does that mean? I now it’s a bit old school but get out a pen and paper and write out exactly what you want for a blog.
Ask yourself:
1. Why am I blogging?
2. What do I want people to know?
3. Do I want to be paid to blog?
4. Is my blog personal or for business?
5. What are my real interests?
6. Do I really want to write?
7. Do I have time to write for a blog?
Consider the reasons why you want to blog before you jump right in. Even if you blog is personal one, you want to make sure you know what you want to get across. There are many things to talk about.

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