Slow cooked chicken with quinoa salad

People live pay check to pay check these days. Sometimes you have the means to do your grocery shopping but you just don’t want to spend it. Well, it’s like that for us at home. There are times you and I can barely scrape two pennies together. So what do you put together so you can eat? Slow cooked chicken with quinoa or rice. If you still have meat in your fridge that still good to eat put it in your crock pot or slow cooker. When I made this I didn’t have broth. So here’s what you need:

1. Meat- could be beef or chicken
2. Soy sauce- light or regular
3. Salt and pepper and other spices
4. Dash of cumin
5. Two cups of water
6. Quinoa
7. Rice- yellow, brown or white
8. Whatever vegetable you have in the fridge.
Leave the chicken in the cooker for at least 5 hours on high.

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