Permission based email marketing what is it

Business and internet marketers are trying to reach people in different ways. How? There are many methods to choose from. There is social media, offline advertising like flyers and newspaper ads, blogging , chat rooms, forums advertising space directory submission and PPC (Paid per click), email marketing. Let’s talk email marketing. This method of promotion is still being used today to get the attention of potential customers.

What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is a method of promotion that allows us to promote a product or service via email. In the email, we can promote that new gadget or the latest fashion trend or even a new software program you created. There are many topics you can use to get your message across. From fashionable styles to political campaigns email marketing can play a key role in the promotion arena. The point is to get potential customers visiting your website. In order for that to happen, they have to subscribe or opt-in to your ezine, information letter or newsletter. That is where permission plays a part. When the person opts-in to your ezine, they are giving you permission to send them information.

Why is it still effective?

A marketer can promote their offers to a private market. Real people (subscribers) who are willing subscribed to your ezine or newsletter. These small amounts of people will receive information in their inbox. That information can be a how-to information product or daily updates. The effectiveness of ezine marketing is dependent upon consistency and trust level. Why is it still effective? Well, there are people out there that still like to receive information in their inbox especially if the information benefits them and their business. As long as the information is timely and beneficial, the publisher will gain recognition and eventually build trust.

Major website updates for Your Biz Café

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Let your classified ad do all of the work

Having trouble with your ad campaign? Is your classified ad campaign performing the way you need it to? Perhaps, you are not using keywords in your ad. Maybe your ad needs to be posted a little more often. Sometimes it takes seven times for a person to see an ad before they buy from you. Your classified ad opens the door to your website. Potential customers and subscribers are clicking the headline of the ad you submitted.


Let’s go back to keywords

You can post an ad that has a few key words that promote action on the visitor’s part. For example, if you are providing designs for mini-sites, wouldn’t you put the phrase mini-site design in your ads? Plus your headline when posting in an ad board should be attention grabbing. You want the visitor to be eager to click your link and buy your offers. So, you can use certain words in your headline that will get the visitors. If you are trying to appeal to design customers, you can use words like, design, headers, footers, banners, mini-site, blog site and more.


What about questions?

Having a question as a headline will make your visitor think. The ad can be clicked with just the right question that gets their attention. Let’s go back to that mini site design service you have. You want to advertise in a classified site or an ad board. However, you have tried everything. Use a question for you headline. Try, “Is your Mini-Site making the cut?”, “Are your headers grabbing their attention?”, “Is your mini-site design making the grade?” These questions are just examples. You probably have something better. Using questions to get your visitors attention can be followed up with a call to action.

Consistency is the key

What does this mean? I mentioned in my last article “Classified advertising does it still work part two” That posting a few times will get you a results. There are a few sites (ad boards) that allow you to post your ads a least three times a day. There are some ad boards that allow you to post once every three days. If you are not the type to remember to post this often there is an auto-post option for the busy marketer. There are sites like Post ads Daily that allow you to set your ads to auto for a low price. Let your ad do all the work for you. You can use keywords and questions to grab your audience attention. Do not be afraid to experiment with this. Advertising is usually about trial and error. If you are using ad boards for the first time it can be a bit off putting to try different things. There is always an option to automate your advertising when you are a busy person with a low budget. So, don’t be shy to try a few different options. It may pay off in the long run.